Anti-gay activist Scott Lively has criticized Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's decision to no longer speak out against marriage equality.

Last week, Cathy told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he regretted dragging Chick-fil-A into the marriage debate and that he won't be weighing in on the subject anymore.

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Lively, also a Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate, blasted Cathy over his decision, saying that it suggests that the businessman “might be willing” at some point to take the “Mark of the Beast,” commonly referred to as a sign of the Antichrist.

“I am convinced that God is using the homosexual issue as a test of believers all over the world,” Lively wrote on Matt Barber's BarbWire. “What would it profit Mr. Cathy to gain the whole world (or a few more restaurants on college campuses), if his compromise of Biblical truth today makes him less able to resist the real Mark of the Beast tomorrow?”

“In my mind's eye I used to see the Mark of the Beast as a black dot on the back of the hand. Now it looks like a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. I'll never buy another one, and I hope you won't either,” he concluded.