In what he promises to be the only interview on his pending divorce from Victor Voronov, Olympian Johnny Weir says his marriage was stifling him.

“I have been having a tough time at home for a long time now and it's something that I've kept form the public,” Weir told Access Hollywood of his 2-year marriage.

“I was losing myself by being married to my husband. I was losing my objectives in life. I was very isolated from the world.”

“He was not super accepting of the fact I work and I have to work this week in Russia, this week in Los Angeles, next week in Tokyo and that's something that's hard to wrap your head around,” Weir said.

Weir, a former Olympic figure skater, worked as a commentator for NBC at the Sochi Winter Olympics, and as a fashion correspondent fro Access Hollywood at the Academy Awards.

Weir also complained that he was the only breadwinner in the marriage. However, a rep for Voronov said that his client gave up his law career at Weir's request.

Voronov “willfully gave up his career at the request of Johnny to devote himself to Johnny as a traditional spouse often does,” the rep said.

According to, Weir filed for a divorce on February 12.