An unidentified lesbian couple on Tuesday became the first gay couple to marry in the Mexican state of Guanajuato.

According to several Mexican outlets, the women sued the state in federal court after they were denied a marriage license.

Approximately 30 guests were present as Mary, 34, and Lucha, 32, were declared “a couple legally united in marriage” in a private ceremony held in Leon, the state's largest city.

Fidel Negrete, president of the gay rights group Asociacion Colectivo Leon Gay AC, described the ceremony as full of emotional moments mixed with joy and nervousness.

“It was a wonderful wedding,” he said. “They looked beautiful and very happy.”

Much like the United States, Mexican states individually decide on marriage. Mexico City in 2009 became the nation's first, and so far only, municipality to legislatively approve marriage equality. Mexico's highest court declared the law constitutional and ordered all states to recognize the legal marriages of gay couples. However, only a handful of states have moved on the issue. Some, under court order, have allowed marriage, while others have adopted civil unions.