Taiwan's local public television station on Sunday aired Penguins at North Pole, which is described as the country's “first gay-themed family comedy.”

“In most Asian countries this topic is still quite taboo,” Jessie Shih, deputy director of the international department at Taiwan's Public Television Service, is quoted as saying by The Hollywood Reporter. “And many among the older generations in Taiwan still feel that way.”

Unlike the weighty gay-themed television fare of the past, Penguins is a light comedy with a happy ending.

In the short film, a mother pretends to accept her daughter's romantic relationship with another woman in order to gain her trust and eventually persuade her to marry a young man. (A trailer for the film is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Penguins aired on the same day that supporters and opponents of a proposed gay marriage bill held parallel rallies in Taipei's Freedom Square.