Scott Lively, an ardent opponent of gay rights and a Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate, marched in South Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday.

The parade's policy banning gay organizations from participating has been widely criticized. Many politicians, including Mayor Marty J. Walsh and Congressman Stephen Lynch, skipped the parade over the policy.

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Lively marched with new running mate Shelly Saunders.

In a statement, Lively applauded the parade's policy.

“The LGBT bullies, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, are giving the St. Paddy's Day Parade organizers a hard time for keeping the parade a family-friendly event, but they are standing strong for family values and not bowing to intimidation,” Lively said.

“The media is predictably crying 'discrimination,' but thank God the United States Supreme Court has ruled that the parade organizers have the constitutional right to exclude anyone they please.”

Lively recently blamed gay people for the Ukraine crisis.