Openly gay and recently married Sam Champion, an anchor on The Weather Channel, says he does not understand the arguments of gay marriage foes.

Champion first discussed his sexual orientation last year in announcing his engagement to his now husband, photographer Rubem Robierb.

Appearing on Piers Morgan Live, champion told host Piers Morgan that he can't understand how someone could be against love.

“With all the debate about gay marriage in particular in America moving so fast and so many states embracing it, where will we be in even ten years time do you think in America?” Morgan asked.

“Piers I hope it's just a regular conversation. I hope you're able in this country and really in the world, why shouldn't you be, to proudly talk about the person that you're in love with, that you share your life with and have no one bat an eye,” Champion answered.

“I cannot imagine being unhappy for someone who is in love. I just can't. It's beyond me. It's an argument I can't even launch to make because I don't understand the other side,” he added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)