Among the things that anti-gay activist Scott Lively told Ugandans was that “sociopathic” gays were probably involved in the genocide in Rwanda.

Lively, the founder of the Massachusetts-based Defend the Family International, on several occasions traveled to Uganda to push for greater sanctions against gays.

Last month, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed a law that increases the penalties for homosexuality in a nation where gay sex was already illegal. As approved, the law calls for life imprisonment for the crime of “aggravated homosexuality.” A previous version of the bill called for the death penalty.

Western nations, including the United States, have condemned the law.

In a story published Monday, Mother Jones' Mariah Blake exposes what Lively told Ugandans.

In a 5-hour televised marathon presentation held in 2009, Lively claimed that gay men and women were aggressively recruiting Uganda's children and labeled some gays “monsters … so far from normalcy that they're killers.”

“They're sociopaths,” he continued. “There's no mercy at all. There's no nurturing. No caring about anybody else. … This is the kind of person it takes to run a gas chamber.”

He added that the genocide in neighboring Rwanda “probably involved these guys.”

No analogy was too absurd for Lively to promote, including likening homosexuality to a disease that overwhelms the immune system.

“The body begins to suffer, disintegrate,” he told the crowd, which included Ugandan cabinet members. “We need public policy that discourages homosexuality.”

The story also covers how Lively is being sued for what he said in Uganda.

A video clip from the meeting of Lively explaining how homosexuals supposedly recruit children is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.