Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Tuesday said that all county clerks can immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, roughly 3 months before a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers takes effect on June 1.

Macon County Clerk Stephen Bean reached out to Madigan after a federal judge ordered Cook County to begin issuing marriage licenses. The judge said that the order only applied to Cook County.

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Madigan responded that since courts have found the state's ban to be unconstitutional, gay and lesbian couples asking for a marriage license in any county should be given one.

“[T]he protections guaranteed by the Constitution must exist without regard to county lines,” Madigan wrote.

The letter was shared with all 102 counties in the state.

According to LGBT rights group Equality Illinois, roughly 260 gay couples have obtained marriage licenses in Cook County in the 12 days since the ruling was handed down.

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has asked county clerks to follow Madigan's advice.