Comedian Pete Holmes joked during an interview with Conan O'Brien that he would go gay for Ryan Gosling after 63 days on a deserted island.

“I'm working on a bit where we need new labels,” Holmes explained to O'Brien. “Gay and straight is too simple. I think we need a new system for sexuality. Like for example, I'm straight but I'm 63 days straight.”

“I mean if I'm on a plane ride and, you know, Ryan Gosling, Daddy Gos, he's in first class, I'm back in coach, and we crash and we're the only survivors. Just me and Gosling and we're living on just a beautiful tropical island.”

“You know, I'm straight for 63 days. Don't be a child, you're gonna. You're gonna. How long before you [give in], that's how it works.”

Later, O'Brien said that he was a Brad Pitt kind of guy and was 1 hour straight.

(Watch the segment.)