Former Congressman Barney Frank on Wednesday called a controversial bill in Arizona “stupid.”

The measure, known as SB 1062, states that individuals and businesses can refuse service based on their religious beliefs. Opponents have called the measure a license to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Governor Jan Brewer denied reports that she had decided to veto the bill.

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“Oh it's a license for anybody to engage in discrimination as long as they cite religion,” Frank said during an interview on CNBC Asia's The Call. “And, as you correctly point out, it doesn't mention gay rights. Now obviously that was part of the motivation. But there are people who have religious objections to Jewish people. We had a long tradition in America, sadly, where racial segregation was justified on religious grounds. People found objections to race mixing, they called it. There are people who don't like Mormons. There are people who have objections to divorce. This ridiculous bill, which I'm just reading over and I'm appalled at how stupid it is.”

Frank, who has the distinction of being the first openly gay member of Congress and the first to enter a marriage with a member of the same sex, added: “What it says is, if you have a religious objection to any law in Arizona, you don't have to obey that law. I mean that's essentially it, any general law.”

(Watch the entire segment at CNBC.)