Ken Cuccinelli, former attorney general and Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, on Tuesday said he would sign a controversial bill in Arizona that opponents say would allow individuals and businesses to discriminate against gay people.

The measure, which states that businesses can refuse service based on their religious beliefs, created an uproar over the weekend after it cleared the House and Senate late last week. Republican Governor Jan Brewer has yet to announce whether she'll sign the bill, saying only that she would do the “right thing” for Arizona. A Brewer spokesperson on Tuesday denied reports that she had decided to veto the bill.

Appearing on CNN's Crossfire, Cuccinelli, an ardent opponent of LGBT rights, disagreed with panelist LZ Granderson's assertion that he was “probably” a homophobe.

“We can safely agree that this is being driven by the Christian faith,” Granderson said. “I'm looking at the Bible and going, 'Where in the Bible does Jesus say no to people?' He's always bringing people in. So are you really using this as an umbrella of your religious faith? Or are you wrapping your homophobia around the Bible and trying to find scriptures that justify your homophobia?”

“Just because you're uncomfortable with something does not mean it's against your religious faith.”

“Because you disagree with me doesn't mean I'm a homophobe, does it?” Cuccinelli asked. “Can you have an intellectual disagreement that isn't personalized?”

“We all know your history. You've made several remarks over the years that I would classify as homophobic. I would say that you personally are probably a homophobe,” Granderson replied. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Later, Cuccinelli predicted that Brewer would cave in to the “bullying” and veto the bill, a course which he disagreed with.