Phoenix-based Petsmart is among the companies urging Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto a bill which opponents say would allow individuals and businesses to discriminate against gay people.

The measure, titled SB 1062, created an uproar after it cleared the House and Senate late last week.

A Brewer spokesperson on Tuesday denied reports that she had decided to veto the measure, which states that individuals and businesses can refuse service based on their religious beliefs.

Appearing on CNBC, David Lenhardt, CEO of Petsmart, said the bill was bad for business.

“We absolutely would like to see the governor veto this bill,” Lenhardt said. “We think it's bad for Arizona business. We think it's bad for the people of Arizona.”

“At Petsmart, diversity and inclusion is a key piece of who we are. It's a key piece of our culture. We fundamentally believe our communities, our customers, and our associates all deserve equal respect, and this bill does not do that. And that's why we are absolutely opposed to it and urging the governor to veto it.”

(Watch the entire segment at CNBC.)