Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC) and possible Senate candidate, claims gay marriage “perverts the word love.”

On Wednesday's edition of Washington Watch, Perkins was joined by Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values.

Saenz described growing support for marriage equality as a myth.

“There is this notion that things have changed so much, there's all this momentum from the media suggesting that people's views have changed on homosexual marriage,” Saenz said. “But we're not seeing that at the polls.”

Writing at, Brian Tashman noted that “polling consistently shows that a majority of Americans and an overwhelming number of young people favor legalizing marriage for same-sex couples. In the 2012 election, a plurality of voters agreed same-sex marriage should be legal in their state and marriage equality opponents lost in all four states where voters faced ballot measures on the issue.”

Perkins added that legalizing such unions not only “destroy[s] the definition of marriage, it perverts the word love.”

“It becomes nothing more than a sexual act or a physical act of intimacy,” Perkins said. “Because you could say two brothers love each other, two sisters love each other, and aunt and uncle love each other, different folks that may not be able to be married could love each other. So if you change this definition, what's to keep them from entering into some kind of contractual relationship as well? It's absurd.”