Jennifer Nettles, the 39-year-old lead vocalist of the duo Sugarland, recently said that her large gay following led many people to assume she was a lesbian.

In an interview with Michigan gay weekly Pride Source, Nettles discussed coming out straight.

“I had such a strong lesbian following, and in the gay community as a whole, I've always had so much support from them,” Nettles said. “I think a lot of people assumed, too. Whenever they heard a woman with an alto voice playing an acoustic instrument stylistically reminiscent of those wonderful icons you counted, Ani DiFranco and Indigo Girls – and especially with the audience I had in my 20s – I think a lot of people just assumed that [I was lesbian].”

“So those lyrics – 'crotch propaganda / bat for both teams / and it's me not choosing sides standing in between' – I definitely related to because it's like, who cares? Why choose sides? And why do you have to?,” she said, a reference to the lyrics in the single On the Shoulder of Giants from the Soul Miner's Daughter 1998 album Hallelujah.

Nettles added that she would support her son if he came out gay.

“Look, he can be anything he wants in any fashion, be it his job or who he loves or whatever,” she said. “He won't be an asshole. And I hope he doesn't go to the dark side in any kind of addiction. But otherwise [I'd say], 'Love and live and just be happy. And I hope you find your true prince.'”