President Barack Obama on Monday weighed in on Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam's coming out gay.

On Sunday, Sam, 24, publicly announced he's gay: “I'm Michael Sam. … And I'm Gay.”

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“Congratulations on leading the way, @MikeSamFootball,” Obama messaged to his more than 41 million followers on Twitter. “That's real sportsmanship.”

MSNBC's Morning Joe questioned whether the NFL would accept an openly gay player.

Co-host Thomas Roberts gave the issue some perspective: “The league can overlook alleged murderers, wife beaters, and people that don't play child support,” Roberts said. “I don't think that letting in a nice, clean-cut gay guy is going to hurt anybody.”

Joe Scarborough opined that football was about winning games and the NFL “would take an avowed communist,” if it was in their interest.

(Watch the segment on MSNBC.)

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