In a dramatic short film released Friday, two boxers decide they'd rather be lovers than fighters.

In the 80-second video, titled The Weigh In and directed by The Perez Brothers, two boxers are seen training for the big fight. They face off during the weigh in. Each stares intently at the other, then moves in until their noses touch.

As the fighters' managers, a card model and an announcer look on, the pair share a passionate kiss. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Hart Perez said in an emailed statement that the short film was inspired by “their film production work with Showtime Sports and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)” and arrived “just in time to battle discrimination at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.”

The Perez Brothers are best known for their work as co-directors on music videos and short narratives.