After premiering last month, Looking reaches the halfway point of its first season tonight.

The HBO comedy-drama centers around three friends – played by Murray Bartlett (Guiding Light), Jonathan Groff (Glee, Boss) and newcomer Frankie J. Alvarez (Smash) – who are grappling with life in San Francisco, America's most gay-friendly city.

A clip from tonight's episode reveals that Patrick (played by Groff) owns a pair of assless chaps.

“So what about you? Are you into all this leather-whip-chain paraphernalia?” co-worker Kevin (Russell Tovey) asks Patrick as the pair eyeball the Folson Street Fair from a window.

“Men on hooks,” Patrick says.

“Not your thing?”

“No. Although I do kind of – see that guy over there?” Patrick asks, pointing down the street. “I do have a soft spot for, you know, the old men who masturbate in the assless chaps.”

“I bet you've got a pair of assless chaps in the back of your wardrobe somewhere.”

“Maybe I do and maybe I do,” Patrick responds. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)