Transgender activist Janet Mock on Wednesday returned to Piers Morgan Live after criticizing an interview broadcast the night before.

In tweets and remarks to BuzzFeed, Mock, the author of Redefining Realness, claimed that Piers Morgan had “sensationalized” her life.

“@PiersMorganLive I was not 'formerly a man.' Pls stop sensationalizing my life and misgendering trans women,” she said in one tweet.

“'Was a boy until 18.' @PiersMorganLive get it the f*k together,” she added in a second message.

As the original interview aired, the show's Twitter account messaged: “How would you feel if you found out that the woman you are dating was formerly a man?”

The show was also tagged with the caption “Janet Mock – Was a boy until age 18.”

“I want to learn why it is so offensive to actually just say that you grew up as a boy and you then, because you always felt that you were female, you had surgery to become a woman – to become a real woman as you say in the book. Why is it offensive?” Morgan asked on Wednesday.

“I think that we are born and we are assigned a sex at birth,” Mock answered. “That is a matter none of us have control over. But we do have control over our destinies and over our identity. And we should be respected. It's not about the past. It's not about what surgeries I may or may not have had. It's not about how I disclose my gender to people. It's about who I am right now.”

“Do you dispute that you were born a boy?” Morgan asked.

“I was born a baby, who was assigned male at birth. I did not identify or live my life as a boy. As soon as I had enough agency in my life to grow up, I became who I am. And this did not start at 18 when I went to Thailand to have surgery. It started when I was six years old and my parents saw me for who I was and allowed me to live my life,” Mock answered. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)