Crowds estimated in the tens of thousands gathered Sunday in Paris and Lyon to protest against gay rights, including France's recently approved gay marriage law.

The protest was led by Manif Pour Tous (Protest for All), the nation's leading opponent of marriage equality.

While the Socialist government of President Francois Hollande has dismissed reports that it plans to introduce legislation granting gay couples access to medically assisted procreation (MAP) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), organizers said they wanted to send a clear message of opposition.

RT quoted Ludovine de al Rochere, the group's leader, as saying that the protests were designed to “warn the government as early as possible of our opposition to offering MAP to female couples and of IVF, because a child needs a father and a mother.”

FRANCE 24 reported that protesters were also angry about a school pilot program aimed at breaking down gender stereotypes.

“Education should be about teaching children skills so that they can get jobs,” Samir Diss of the Muslims for Childhood group told FRANCE 24. “Sex education is not going to get them into work. Sexuality is a subject that I will raise in front of my children when I see fit. I don't want my children to go to school to learn about touching each other.”

Last week, several thousand people marched through Paris protesting the policies of President Hollande's administration, including last year's legalization of same-sex marriage.