The Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC) announced on Friday that it will appeal a ruling ordering prison officials to provide gender reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate.

Michelle Kosilek sued the state for not providing the surgery.

In a 2-1 ruling handed down two weeks ago, the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston found that the surgery is necessary and that the state violated Kosilek's constitutional rights by refusing to provide her with the surgery.

The state argued that Kosilek had received proper treatment while in prison, including female hormones, laser hair removal and psychotherapy.

“While we acknowledge the legitimacy of a gender identity disorder diagnosis, DOC's appeal is based on the lower court's significant expansion of the standard for what constitutes adequate care under the Eighth Amendment, and on substantial safety concerns regarding Ms. Kosilek's post-surgery needs,” prison officials said in a statement Friday.

The DOC is asking the full 6-member appeals court to review the case.

Born Robert, Michelle Kosilek, 64, is serving a life sentence at an all-male prison in Norfolk for the 1990 murder of her wife Cheryl.

While in prison, Kosilek has twice attempted to take her own life. She also attempted to castrate herself.