Former 'NSyncer Lance Bass says he forgives anti-gay comments made by Juan Pablo Galavis, star of the ABC reality series The Bachelor.

“I don't hate him at all,” the openly gay Bass said “I still think he's cute.”

The 32-year-old former Venezuelan soccer star said last week that he would be opposed to the dating reality show featuring a gay or bisexual bachelor looking for love.

“I don't think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV,” Galavis said.

The single dad noted that he has many gay friends and co-workers. But Galavis was also quoted as saying that gays were “more pervert, in a sense.”

Galavis later apologized, saying that he respects gay people and blamed a language barrier for his poor word choice.

“Of course it's disappointing, because you don't want someone who [you] actually love to have those thoughts,” Bass, 34, told the AP at the Sundance Film Festival taking place in Park City, Utah.

“When you grow up in a place like that, you get brainwashed into thinking that way, you know, you can't help what you grow up with. … I mean, I grew up in Mississippi, so I know how people can get brainwashed into thinking really, really awful things. So hopefully, he will learn from this and get educated.”

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