Actress Goldie Hawn has denounced Nigeria's anti-gay law after tweeting that she had met the nation's “wonderful” president, Goodluck Jonathan.

“Met the wonderful President of Nigeria @JGoodlucktweets today in #Davos @wef,” she messaged to her more than half-a-million followers along with a photo of the two shaking hands.

Jonathan recently signed a law that prohibits the state from recognizing the relationships of gay couples, mandates a 14-year prison sentence for anyone who enter a same-sex marriage or civil union, prohibits the public promotion of gay rights and outlaws gay clubs and organizations.

Hawn later released a statement saying she was unaware of the law.

“Like too many Americans I had no idea what sort of persecution and discrimination LGBT people in Nigeria are going through,” she said. “I am shocked, appalled and heartbroken. STOP these atrocities!”

Hawn has since taken down the tweet.