Christian conservative Gordon Klingenschmitt believes Americans are increasingly being 'deceived by the devil' to support gay marriage.

In an email to supporters of his Pray In Jesus Name Project, Klingenschmitt, a candidate for the Colorado House, lamented recent marriage equality gains and called on supporters to back an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning such unions.

“What is the most cruel thing you can do to a child?” Klingenschmitt rhetorically asked. “After physical or sexual abuse, the most cruel thing you can do to a child is take away their mother. That's how homosexual 'marriage' causes child abuse, by taking away the child's mother (or father) and telling the child 'your need for a mother is less than our right for homosexual pleasure.' Gay 'marriage' is inherently selfish and abusive to kids.”

“If our citizens are deceived by the devil, and we fail to discern the spirits who influence those politicians for whom we vote, then we will elect anti-Christian tyrants to re-define our national morality in the image of evil. Woe to them who call good evil, and evil good.”

“I met several Congressmen last week in DC, and although they are discouraged, they are not ready to quit. But they must hear from us, that we still care about traditional marriage. Let's send Congress a message today. Demand a Constitutional Marriage Amendment,” he concluded.