Lady Theresa Thombs, Republican candidate for the Texas State Board of Education, has likened gays to murderers.

Thombs, who has previously raised eyebrows by denouncing “people from socialist higher education” who support the teaching of evolution, shared a post on Facebook calling for “Straight Pride.”

“These people believe Christians should not seek public office and we are ignorant for standing up for what we believe in,” she added in the post.

(The Texas Freedom Network pointed out in a separate post that almost all of the candidates vying for the job are Christians.)

In defending her post, Thombs insisted that she does not hate gay people.

“We are not bigoted or hateful,” she said in response to a commenter. “Jesus said to love the sinner but hate the sin. God gives you free will to do what you want. But murder is a sin, but even a murderer is loved and forgiven if he asked to be. We both have the right to believe the way we choose is all that I am saying.”