A red-headed sixth-grader stole the show at a rally in support of gay marriage in Salt Lake City on Friday.

“Some people do not believe that I am from a loving family, because my moms are gay,” Riley Hackford-Peer, 12, told a crowd estimated at over 1,000, as his younger brother Casey stood by his side. “They are wrong. I love my moms, and my moms love me and my brother unconditionally.”

The rally to ask Utah Governor Gary Herbert to drop an appeal in a case that struck down Utah's ban on gay marriage took place at the state's capitol rotunda.

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Casey also spoke volumes as he proudly held up a sign with of photo of his moms' wedding day captioned with “Standing Strong; Say Love” surrounded by red hearts.

Riley said that he had asked his moms Ruth and Kim to marry in Iowa. He said that his moms explained that Utah does not recognize the out-of-state marriages of gay couples. Then came the judge's ruling.

“On December 20, it happened. I saw my moms get married in Utah. It felt like fireworks bursting in my heart,” Riley said to loud cheers.

“But Governor Herbert wants to treat my moms unfairly. He says he wants to 'protect families.' But I want to tell him that my family deserves protection too! I have two moms. And I love them. And they deserve to have their marriage recognized everywhere.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)