Actor-author Emma Thompson reveals in an interview with gay glossy The Advocate that gay family members were the reason she left Christianity.

In the 2013 film Saving Mr. Banks, the 54-year-old Thompson plays novelist P.L. Travers, the Australian author who penned Marry Poppins in the 1930s and was believed to be bisexual.

Thompson explained that the film did not address Travers' sexuality because, “You can't fit everything about a person's life into two hours.”

“Besides,” she added, “Saving Mr. Banks is about a woman's creative, artistic life. It's a relief, quite frankly, because when is a movie about a woman not about her love life?”

Thompson, who has previously called herself a “libertarian anarchist,” added that she rejected the church over its teachings on homosexuality.

“I was brought up, partially, by these remarkable, intelligent, wonderful men, and they made me consider and question all moral systems from a very young age,” Thompson said, referring to a gay uncle and two gay godfathers. “They were the reason I rejected Christianity outright, because it said that homosexuality wasn't allowed. I thought, 'That's ridiculous! It's perfectly normal, so what do you mean it isn't allowed?'”