Gay glossy The Advocate is facing criticism for the criteria used in creating its annual gayest cities list.

In its latest iteration of its annual list, Advocate editors concocted an LGBT quotient equation that San Francisco champions have called “arbitrary.”

“This year's criteria, designed to uncover the hidden factors that give a city its queer cred,” the editors wrote, “include points for a city’s LGBT elected officials (and fractional points for the state's elected officials), points for the percentage of the population comprised by lesbian-coupled households, a point for a gay rodeo association, points for bars listed in Out magazine's 200 Best Bars list, a point per women's college, and points for concert performances by Mariah Carey, Pink, Lady Gaga, or the Jonas Brothers. The raw score is divided by the population to provide a ranking based on a per capita LGBT quotient.”

Cities which scored the highest include No. 1 ranked Washington D.C. Pasadena, California, Seattle, Washington, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia round out the top 5.

San Francisco did not break the top ten.

“And perhaps the fact that they pick different, equally arbitrary criteria every year in the making of this list, just so they can rearrange the ranking in new and arbitrary ways, should be another reason to call it stupid?”'s Jay Barmann wrote. “Seattle is No. 3 this year, but where's big gay Tacoma, which was No. 1 for 2013??? And what? Pasadena? Pasadena is now gayer than San Francisco and Los Angeles? Just. No. Stop. Shut it down.”

“We hereby declare that The Advocate is officially the least gay magazine in America. US Weekly and Details are in the number one and two spots, and The Advocate doesn't even get an honorable mention. You know why? Because they think Pasadena is a queer mecca. The death of this annual list can not come soon enough,” added Barmann, whose post was adorned with a photo of a rainbow lit San Francisco City Hall.

Advocate editors also faced a backlash last month in naming Pope Francis their Person of the Year.