A conservative non-profit based in Salt Lake City has told supporters that gay marriage in Utah “hurts freedom and ordered liberty.”

More than 1,000 gay and lesbian couples have married in the state since a district court judge on December 20 declared the state's ban on such unions invalid.

In a fundraising letter to supporters, Paul T. Mero, president of Sutherland Institute, vowed to fight against the ruling.

“Changing the definition of marriage and allowing same-sex marriages hurts freedom and ordered liberty,” Mero wrote. “That's awful enough. But compound 'gay marriage' with a proposed statewide 'nondiscrimination' law, and real people will receive real harm as this unholy alliance pits sexual politics against your religious freedom. It's coming, folks – unless we stop it. And Sutherland Institute will do everything in its power to stop it!”

“But this struggle isn't simply legal. It's cultural. It's about the hearts and minds of Utahans. The real conflict is coming when 'gay rights' slam against your first freedoms – the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, the freedom of association, the freedom of religion, and the right to make a living. All of your first freedoms will soon be under attack in Utah.”

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