The New York Times on Tuesday argued that Robin Roberts' coming out is just the latest low-key coming out among TV personalities.

The 53-year-old Roberts, a co-host of ABC's Good Morning America, publicly acknowledged for the first time that she is in a relationship with girlfriend Amber Laign. In a Facebook post, Roberts looked back on her year of recovery from a rare blood disorder and thanked Laign for standing by her side.

“Ms. Roberts's announcement, accompanied by no other interviews or TV appearances (she did not appear on Good Morning America on Monday), follows several other coming-out pronouncements by TV news personalities these past few years, some of whom did so on the air, some in a public statement, but all in a way that treated the news as almost casual occurrence, and no longer worthy of a Time magazine cover,” the paper wrote.

As examples, the paper noted the coming outs of MSNBC's Thomas Roberts (2006), ABC's Sam Champion (2012), NBC's Jenna Wolfe (2013), CNN's Anderson Cooper (2012) and ABC's Dan Kloeffler (2011).