Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has been named Raw Story's “Biggest Anti-LGBT A-Hole of 2013.”

The media outlet's top five list also includes Justice Antonin Scalia, televangelist Pat Robertson, and Christian conservatives Sandy Rios and Bryan Fischer, who came in second place.

“[Y]ou've got to hand it to Bryan,” the site wrote. “He's reliable. Every day he's there on his Internet-only radio show, sawing away on the one issue he has, how much he hates LGBT people, how mean and fascistic we are and how terrifyingly powerful we have become.”

We would add that Fischer is also quite creative. This year he compared gay sex to trans fats, gay rights activists to Nazi stormtroopers, and rulings favoring gay rights to Jim Crow laws punishing Christians and Trayvon Martin's death.

Robertson was suspended from the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty after stating that gay sex is an illogical “sin.”

“Yes, this is America and everyone here has a right to say whatever half-witted, ignorant thing comes into their head, sure, but you can’t talk about LGBT people anymore like we're not in the room,” the site wrote in crowning its winner. “We're going to talk back, and in the case of all the LGBT people at A&E who have been coordinating his interviews, publicizing his show and making him a very, very wealthy homeless-looking person, we might decide we don't want to sign your checks anymore.”

Russia received an honorable mention.