Colorado State University (CSU) coach Greg Lupfer has been suspended over an anti-gay slur.

Video broadcast by ESPN shows Lupfer, the team's defensive line coach, yelling an anti-gay slur at Washington State University quarterback Connor Halliday after Halliday scored a touchdown during Saturday's Gildan New Mexico Bowl.

“Fuck you, you fucking faggot,” it appears Lupfer hurled at Halliday.

Lupfer has been suspended without pay for two weeks and ordered to undergo diversity training over the outburst.

“I accept these consequences – two weeks without pay and the training programs – and I am thankful for this second chance to continue coaching at Colorado State and be a part of the Ram family,” Lupfer is quoted as saying by the Coloradoan. “I am deeply sorry for my behavior, which does not represent who I am or my values. I embrace the opportunity to participate in anger management and diversity sensitivity training. I was angry and careless with my words, and my words hurt many people. I sincerely apologize to the GLBTQ community for causing pain by using a slur without considering its meaning. I take ownership of my words and fully understand why people are very upset.”

Matt Stephens, a sports columnists who covers CSU, had called for Lupfer to be fired.

“Read my lips: Fire Greg Lupfer,” he wrote on Sunday.

“Don't slap him with a fine, suspend him, issue an apology and then call it a day. The firestorm raining down on CSU all because of some ignorant choice words form the Rams' defensive line coach isn't going to be extinguished overnight,” Stephens wrote.