Singer-songwriter Mary Lambert described in an interview how the hit gay marriage anthem Same Love helped reconnect a mom with her lesbian daughter.

Same Love is the hit single Lambert collaborated on with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who last week received 7 Grammy nominations, including best song for Same Love.

In speaking with lesbian website, Lambert was asked, “Do you have any particular moving stories of connecting fans who've been inspired by you?”

“There's this one that really sticks out in my mind,” Lambert answered. “I met this girl briefly in Austin. She was 21, she'd been dating her girlfriend for a year, she was super in love, and she was like, 'My mom doesn't accept me and we just don't talk about it.' I signed an autograph for her and I went about my way. She sent me an email about two weeks later, and basically, her mom was picking her up from Austin to drive home to Dallas and there was a lot of silence in the car.”

“The girl decided, 'I'm gonna play Same Love for my mom. I'm gonna do it. I think it's important.' She explained to her mom that she got my autograph and she was really inspired by me. And she put the song on, and her mom was immediately in tears, and the girl started crying too. The mom said, 'I'm so sorry that I haven't tried to understand and I'm going to try to understand more, and I would love to meet your girlfriend…'”

“I always get choked up…,” Lambert said after a pause.

“They started this dialogue and the girl told me, 'It's the first time I felt like someone was on my side, and I just wanted to thank you for making that possible.' It's just so touching. It's those little conversations. It's that song that's opened up those little conversations. And we have, we have fucking changed it.”