New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican, reiterated her opposition to gay marriage following a state Supreme Court ruling legalizing such unions in the state.

On Thursday, the state's highest court declared “barring individuals from marrying and depriving them of the rights, protections, and responsibilities of civil marriage solely because of their sexual orientation violates the Equal Protection Clause under Article II, Section 18 of the New Mexico Constitution.”

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Martinez said in statement that the issue “should have been settled by a vote of the people. Instead, the Supreme Court stepped in and rendered their decision.”

“As we move forward, I am hopeful that we will not be divided, as we must come together to tackle very pressing issues,” she added.

The New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops also reacted to the ruling.

“The Bishops of New Mexico recognize the New Mexico Supreme Court as the interpreter of the state constitution,” the group said in a statement. “The Catholic Church respects and loves the gay and lesbian members of our community. We will continue to promote teaching of the biblical definition of marriage to be that of one man and one woman.”