Indians on Friday protested a Supreme Court ruling reinstating a ban on gay sex with a #GayForADay online campaign.

The campaign was provoked by the surprising ruling handed down two days earlier.

India's high court overturned a lower court's 2009 ruling which declared intercourse between two consenting members of the same sex legal. The Supreme Court said that only parliament has the power to change Section 377 of India's penal code.

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The one-day social event was the brainchild of Tanmay Sahay, who created a Facebook “Gay for a Day” page asking people to support the LGBT community by posting photos of themselves kissing someone of the same sex.

“We have taken a simple symbol of love, friendship and solidarity – a kiss – to say that we stand together in our fight for rights. This is not a fight for gay rights. It is a fight for human rights and [it] impacts all of us. We are all queer and we must stand together to show the courts and all those who hate, that love does not discriminate on the basis of gender or sexuality and that it conquers all,” Sahay wrote.

The hashtag #GayForADay on Friday bloomed across several social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.