Houston Mayor Annise Parker says she would like to marry her partner of 23 years in Texas while she is young enough to know who she is marrying.

Parker, who is serving her third and final term as mayor, and her domestic partner, Kathy Hubbard, have two adopted daughters, Daniela and Marquitta, and one foster son, Jovon Tyler.

Recently, the city announced it would extend benefits to the spouses of gay city employees. A city charter amendment approved by voters in 2001 prohibits the city from extending benefits to domestic partners, limiting dependents to “legal spouses.”

“The reason that I'm able to recognize spousal benefits is the language in the charter is very specific and it says that … Actually, I think they wrote it at a time when no one anticipated that there would ever be legal marriage for same-sex couples. And so the language says that I can only offer health and other benefits to legal spouses, and I can't offer domestic partner benefits,” Parker said.

“I am in a 23 year domestic partner relationship and I've been looking forward to the opportunity in the state of Texas to marry her,” Parker said. “May get tired of waiting, if it goes on too long. I want to be young enough to actually know who I'm marrying when I do it.”

Parker added that she believes gay couples will only gain the right to marry in Texas through a Supreme Court decision. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)