Singer Cyndi Lauper and British entrepreneur Richard Branson are helping launch a publication targeting LGBT business owners and corporate allies.

Lauper covers the premiere issue of UNITE Business Magazine, where she discusses working with Harvey Fierstein on the Tony-award winning musical Kinky Boots.

“Harvey Fierstein got in touch with me, and I was in after just one phone call,” Lauper explained. “I have always wanted to work with Harvey but never thought it would be something as big as a Broadway musical. We felt pretty good about it when we first started on the project. We were hoping it would do well and are just over the moon on how the audiences have responded.”

Branson gave advice to hopeful entrepreneurs: “If you are starting a business from scratch, there is only one word that really matters, and that is survival. There's a very thin dividing line between success and failure, and it's very easy to go on the wrong side of that line. So, you just have to fight to survive.”

He stressed that it was not necessary to criticize employees because “people know when they have done something wrong, so they don't need to be told.”

“The more you can look at the best in people, the more they'll give back,” added Branson, a strong supporter of LGBT rights.

UNITE Business will officially launch at next week's Community Marketing LGBT Tourism & Hospitality conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is the second glossy for publisher Joey Amato, who launched UNITE Nashville in April.

“After speaking with LGBT business owners and corporate diversity leaders from around the country, I decided the time was right to launch UNITE Business,” Amato said. “UNITE Nashville helped set the bar for LGBT publications and we plan on raising the bar even higher with our business publication.”

Click here to read the premiere issue of UNITE Business Magazine.