Conservative commentator Glenn Beck has declared that the religious right is on the outs, stating that gay marriage opponents have “lost the war.”

Beck made his comments during a discussion with controversial pastor Mark Driscoll.

“When it comes to gay marriage, for example, I have gay friends, I have gay employees, I don't really care. What you do is what you do. You work that out. That's your life,” Beck said.

He went on to explain that the debate was really about intolerant gay rights supporters foisting their agenda upon Christians.

“If I am tolerant, say, 'You do what you want to do,' but I get to do what I do. And you can't force me to say that my god says you can be married or not married. You can't force me to do that.”

“And there's a tremendous opportunity, I think, for Christians, because they lost the war, they lost that,” Beck said.

“The religious right, the Moral Majority, everybody put those t-shirts away, nobody is wearing them,” Driscoll said in agreement.

“Right,” Beck added. “The place you have to protect is the one that wins with twenty-somethings, which is tolerance. I'm not trying to shut you up. I'm not trying to do anything to you. Don't do it to me.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)