British Olympic diver Tom Daley told fans on Monday in a video posted on YouTube that he's dating another man.

“Come spring this year, my life changed massively when I met someone and it made me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great,” the 19-year-old Daley says in the five-and-a-half minute video. “And that someone is a guy.”

“It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn't until spring this year that something just clicked. It felt right. And like I said, my whole world just changed, right there and then.”

Daley added that “of course, I still fancy girls” but “right now I'm dating a guy and I couldn't be happier.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Earlier this year, Daley dismissed rumors about his sexuality in an interview with the UK's The Mirror: “I think it's funny when people say I'm gay. … I laugh it off. … I'm not. … But even if I was, I wouldn't be ashamed.”