A majority of Mexicans favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

According to a Parametria survey conducted in July, 52 percent of respondents support gay marriage, while 44 percent remain opposed. Fifty-two percent of Roman Catholics are also in support. That's a thirteen point increase in support from a previous poll conducted in December of 2012.

Fifty-seven percent of Mexicans (60% of Catholics) support gay troops serving openly in the military.

Openly gay politicians are supported 49-45 percent.

Eighty-nine percent of respondents said that gay people in Mexico should be treated equally, but 9 in 10 acknowledged that discrimination exists in the nation.

However, a large majority of Mexicans (70%) are opposed to gay couples adopting children, a 4 point drop from last year's survey.

And when asked to choose either a statement in support of same-sex unions as a testament to a free society or a statement in support of marriage remaining a heterosexual union, only 36 percent chose the former, a ten point increase from 2004, while 51 percent chose the later.

“It is noted that in the Mexican population there is a greater openness on the subject of gay rights,” pollsters wrote in releasing their findings. “However, there is still some resistance to including gay couples in certain institutions such as marriage or family.”