Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert unleashed an unforgiving attack on Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin for halting the processing of same-sex military benefits.

At Fallin's direction, state-owned National Guard bases will no longer process any military spouse benefit applications rather than serve gay couples.

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“Thankfully, one brave state, Oklahoma, is fighting to remain Oklahetera,” Colbert's satirical conservative character told The Colbert Report viewers. “Its constitution already bans same-sex marriage, otherwise Oklahoma would be a gay mecca. I mean think about all the things it has to offer the gays. The musical. … That's it.”

“So Oklahoma did the right thing and took away some rights.”

“Now, according to some obscure U.S. Constitution, denying rights to a specific minority group is illegal. So, Governor Fallin is assuring that all Okla-humans are treated equally by ordering state-owned National Guard facilities to stop processing all military spouse benefits.”

“Now, Governor Fallin is setting a great precedent here. Rather than provide any services for gay people, the government should refuse to provide them for everyone. Because once a gay person gets something, it gets their gay all over it.”

Colbert suggested shutting down the fire department: “If I find out that firefighters also rescue gay people, suddenly it will seem gay for me to have their calendar.”

He concluded: “Governor Fallin, I've heard that gay people in Oklahoma enjoy the scent of your state flower, the Oklahoma rose, just as much as straight people do. So, you should order everyone in your state to cut off their noses to spite the gays. 'Cause you're kinda doing it already.”