Furniture giant Ikea has decided against including a lesbian couple in its Russian edition of Ikea Family Live magazine over fears the story might violate the nation's anti-gay law.

Russia's “gay propaganda” law prohibits the promotion of gay rights to minors. It has been widely protested and has provoked calls for boycotts of Russian imports and international events taking place in Russia.

“We have based the decision on discussions with our own Russian legal team and also taken advice from external Russian legal expertise,” Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson told BuzzFeed.

The magazine feature explains how Ikea helped UK couple Clara and Kirsty and their one-year-old son Isaac redecorate their small loft space.

“We're two mums bringing up our baby boy in Clara's mum's loft,” Kirsty says in the piece. “We're not your average family in your average home, but if my nan can raise two sons in a tiny caravan, we can make it work in our little loft.”

In comments to Sweden's Aftonbladet, Magnusson added: “We have two guiding principles in the communication we distribute from Ikea. The first is home interior design. The second is following the law.”