Mary Cheney, the openly gay sister of Liz Cheney, says she is not supporting her sister's bid for a U.S. Senate seat.

According to several sources, the daughters of former vice president Dick Cheney are no longer speaking to each other.

In a Politico Magazine story titled The Race That Broke the Cheney Family, Mary says she's not supporting her sister's bid against Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi in the Republican primary.

“I'm not supporting Liz's candidacy,” Mary said. “By supporting, I mean not working, not contributing, and not voting for (I'm registered in Virginia not Wyoming).”

“I am not saying I hope she loses to Enzi,” she added.

The animosity between the sisters stems from Liz's recent remarks repudiating claims that she supports gay marriage.

The feud overheated over the weekend after Liz reiterated her opposition during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

“Listen, I love Mary very much. I love her family very much. This is just an issue on which we disagree,” she said.

Mary Cheney responded in a Facebook post that she was “wrong” and “on the wrong side of history.” Mary's wife, Heather Poe, wrote that she was offended.