Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), on Thursday promised supporters big wins against gay marriage now that a law has been signed in Hawaii.

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After the obligatory pledge to hold legislators who “betrayed the voters accountable on Election Day,” Brown attempted to turn the defeat for his group into a fundraising opportunity by promising that brighter days lay ahead for opponents.

“There is a silver lining now that Hawaii has voted to redefine marriage against the people's wishes: Same-sex 'marriage' activists have run out of easy targets,” Brown said. “This was the last state where Democrats held the governorship and both houses of the Legislature – the only type of state where they have been able to prevail by legislative action. (West Virginia is governed by Democrats but we are in no danger of their socially-conservative politicians redefining marriage.) Thus the false narrative of 'inevitability' ends here – with your help!”

“The fight for marriage goes on – we anticipate state-wide fights in Ohio, Indiana and up to half a dozen other states next year. These are fights we can win – and win big – halting the temporary momentum same-sex 'marriage' activists have built up by eking out extremely narrow victories in the bluest of states … but only if we have the resources to fight.”

It must be noted that Brown conveniently forgot to mention New Mexico and Oregon – states which are likely to legalize gay marriage in the next 12 months.