Social conservative Bryan Fischer on Thursday called on the government to ban homosexuality because, like trans fats, it is “a hazard to human health.”

Fischer made his comments on the same day the FDA announced that it would phase out the use of trans fats in the United States, stating that such fats remain “a significant public health concern.”

“That's what makes your hamburger taste good and your french fries taste good and that's what gives a longer shelf life to food. It adds flavor to food,” Fischer told his Focal Point radio audience.

The FDA is “convinced it is a hazard to human health, even though it makes your frosting taste better, your donuts taste better, it makes your crackers taste better.”

“Well, if we were going to take that same reasoning we would ban homosexuality for the same reason. It is a hazard to human health.”

“So again you see this sort of complete inconsistency when it comes to public policy in regard to human health.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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