On Saturday, Nepal's first gay beauty pageant crowned the nation's first “Mr. Handsome.”

According to the AFP, 18 young men competed for the title.

The men strutted across the stage in a Kathmandu auditorium as hundreds cheered on.

Biswo Raj Adhikari was crowned “Mr. Handsome.” He is a 24-year-old sociology student from Makwanpur district.

“My family and friends will be proud of me as I will be able to inspire other gays who hesitate to come out openly,” he told the AFP.

Other titles handed out included “Mr. Friendly,” “Mr. Personality” and “Mr. Red Ribbon” for aiding in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The event was organized by The Blue Diamond Society (BDS), a leading LGBT advocate in Nepal.

BDS President Sunil Babu Pant said: “This program has encouraged gay men to reveal their hidden talents and will create more awareness about gender and sexuality. Although treatment of gays has improved in recent years, many are still not willing to come out openly.”

Following a landmark 2007 court ruling, Nepal is considered to have the region's most progressive polices toward gays.