Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Monday was called out on his hypocrisy after stating that being gay is a choice.

In speaking with a male caller to his AFA-sponsored radio show who identified himself as a “non-practicing homosexual,” Fischer congratulated him for his abstinence.

“I do not believe people are born homosexual. I believe that it's a matter of sexual behavior and conduct which is always a matter of choice,” Fischer told the caller. “You can remain chaste; that you have a choice over what you do with your sexual impulses. You don't have to give in to every sexual impulse that you feel.”

“And that's exactly what you're doing,” he added.

“Alright, I have something that I would like to ask you,” the caller said. “Could you have sex with a man?”

“I'm sorry?”

“Could you have sex with a man?”

“Would I?”

“Could you?”

“No,” Fischer answered.

“I thought it was a choice?” the caller asked.

“Sure it is. I'm just saying, it's emotionally, morally, mentally impossible for me ...”

“But you just told me that you couldn't do it?”

“Yeah, I couldn't do it. There is no way. There is nothing in me that would let me do that.”

“OK, how do you think I feel about women?” the caller asked.

“I don't know. How do you feel about women?”

“There ain't no way,” the caller responded.

Fischer chose to dismiss the caller's point and said: “If an individual does not have a legitimate way to satisfy their sexual impulses, then the path that God has designed for them is the path of abstinence, chastity and celibacy.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)