Singer Chely Wright has described Steve Grand as brave for identifying as gay in his debut single All-American Boy.

“This is uncharted territory, as you know,” Wright told gay glossy Out. “I came out after having been in the business for years. He's trying to get into the business. The fact that he's openly gay prior to getting a record deal will likely be tough for him. That said, there is progress every day and I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage for him to identify as gay when he did. Very brave! It's a new day, and I hope that someone on Music Row will give him a chance. He's clearly motivated and honest. That's what country music is supposed to be about – honest people telling honest stories about life. He's certainly doing that. Stay strong, Steve!”

But Grand said that he isn't necessarily a country singer – “Nothing can keep me into one genre,” he told Out – and he's not pursuing a record deal.

“I'm doing my own thing and making my own music,” he said. “I haven't decided what path to take as far as being on a label or not.”

(Watch All-American Boy in our video library.)