MSNBC personality Thomas Roberts is defending his decision to host the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

Roberts, who came out gay in 2006, married Patrick Abner in New York last year.

Pervasive anti-gay sentiment in Russia has been codified in a recently approved law which prohibits “gay propaganda” to minors, effectively outlawing Gay Pride parades and all public demonstrations of support. The law's passage has provoked worldwide outrage and calls for a boycott of Russian products and international events taking place in the nation, including the upcoming Winter Olympics and the Miss Universe pageant.

But Roberts has said that boycotting would be too easy.

“Reaction has been interesting,” Roberts said during an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe. “But I think that this is a great opportunity to showcase that I am no different from the the other LGBT humans that live on this planet. Gay rights are human rights, human rights are gay rights. And so, I go with my husband to prove that.”

In remarks to gay glossy The Advocate, he added: “I just hope people would have faith in me. You know I feel real strongly that I've always tried to be, not a perfect example, but a good example, of someone who can have a wonderful professional and personal life, and trying to do the right thing by this community.”

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