Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on Tuesday called on the Illinois House to approve a stalled gay marriage bill.

“The time for marriage equality has come,” Quinn, a Democrat, told supporters gathered inside the capitol rotunda. “This is our hour, this is our moment. This is where we the people of Illinois come together for marriage equality.”

Supporters descended on Springfield on Tuesday as lawmakers reconvened for the short fall session.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin also endorsed the measure, calling on lawmakers to “reject the values of division and intolerance.”

The rally comes a day after New Jersey became the 14th state to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. The victory, which came after Republican Governor Chris Christie ended his legal fight against a court decision ordering the state to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, took marriage equality supporters by surprise and angered opponents.

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Unlike New Jersey, however, the largest obstacle to victory in Illinois is not the governor, but the Democrat-controlled House, which failed in May to go along with the Senate in approving the marriage bill.

Analysts believe lawmakers will punt on the issue once again and move the debate to January, after the threat of primary challengers has passed.

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Opponents are expected to stage what they are calling “Defend Marriage Lobby Day” on Wednesday.