John Arthur, the Ohio man who with his longtime partner challenged Ohio's gay marriage ban, died early Tuesday at the age of 48.

According to the AP, funeral arrangements are pending.

Arthur and James Obergefell, 47, of Cincinnati married in June aboard a medical transport plane parked on the tarmac of a Baltimore airport. The men, together more than 20 years, arranged for the wedding as Arthur battled a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's Disease. His final wish was to be buried next to his husband in a family plot that only allows descendants and spouses.

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The couple sued the state to allow Arthur to be listed as married on his death certificate, with Obergefell listed as his surviving spouse. U.S. District Judge Timothy Black found in favor of the couple.

“Their love is a model for all of us,” attorney Al Gerhardstein told the AP. “Part of John's legacy will be the difference he has already made in the struggle for marriage equality.”